A Cleaner Deodorant

Before you go and realize Native deodorant is overpriced (it's $11 or so at Walmart - realistically, why would anyone pay more than $7 for deodorant???), here me out on this.

I was once a wearer of Degree, Secret, Suave, and a few others. 

  • Degree smells oh so amazing, but the scent wears off after a few hours, and it's got unfriendly ingredients. 
  • Secret is good, but again, wears off in a few hours, and made me really sweaty.
  • Suave seemed to be the same - sweaty and stinky. 
  • Tom's of Main & Dr. Teals - Both are also natural, but neither worked very good.

Loved the spray bottle Degree has, as it was so easy and I wouldn't get any white marks after applying. But, your not supposed to stink later in the day. 

Being someone who changes their products often (found I my skin doesn't like any deodorant with rose in it), I'm trying a natural brand. Something that is good on my skin, clean, and honestly just keeps me fresh. 

Since I'm not paying for Native (which is just too overpriced for me), Love Beauty and Planet is a similar brand, which works just as good, and the sticker price doesn't make us question the purchase. 

Love Beauty and Planet in Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower