Want To Workout While Pregnant?

To my fellow pregnant mommas. Okay, that is soooooo WEIRD to say because I NEVER imagined I'd fall into the "mom" group. 

Even though I have two dogs, I've heard many times your not really a "mom" until you've grown a human. 

That being said, pregnant or not, it's still important to be active. Know this though, do the kind of workout that works for YOU and safe. I asked my doctor about being active, and he (wait, I have a male doctor for the FIRST TIME in my life?) gave a green light to being active, just don't lift like 30+ lbs or do anything strenuous. DUH!! 

Okay, guess I better get a gym membership, and look for classes, and figure out a way to get there. 

Put the brakes on sister!!! You DON'T need a gym membership to get fit to be active through your pregnancy.  Take these two ladies who created pregnancy workouts that can be done at home. $8 a month gives you all access to Pre & Post Natal workouts, along with other programs after your baby arrives. Click Here for more info on both programs.

Barre Blend with Elise Joan

One on One with Autumn Calabrese